MIssão angola 

Mission Angola

Aldeia Viçosa

School Implantation

Mission Angola has goals to evangelize through education, agriculture and health. 



Our goal is to construct six classrooms where in the morning grades 1 through 6 will learn, and in the afternoon grades 7 to 8. In the future be able to shelter high school grades 9 through 12. 
In the evenings we want to work on adult literacy and writing development and small professional courses.  
We will also be constructing a room dedicated to being a daycare. It is very common to see mothers working with their children on their backs in the fields, and while selling foods in order to be able to eat. The daycare has an objective to take care of these children during the time where their mothers will be working, providing them the necessary environment for their development. Here they will receive adequate nutrition, where we will be able to fight against starvation and infant mortality.  
Beside the classrooms a multi-purpose facility will be constructed where general activities of the school could be held. This is not limited to activities such as workshops, seminars, a place to eat lunch etc. 
Our goal is construct beside the school, a church. Here they will have the opportunity to meet to hear the word of God, worship Him, and this way we will not only be bringing them hope here on earth but for eternal life, through preaching the gospel. 
In addition, nearby there will be a facility where we will be able to receive missionaries, pastors, volunteers, professionals etc who will be contributed in the mission inside this community. 



Part of the land will be used to cultivate plantations, where we will provide seeds and the proper equipment to cultive the land, along will any necessary training. The harvest will be used to nourish the students of the school and also to sell at an accessible price to the community, to generate job opportunities but also fighting against starvation. 
Health Our future goal is to construct a place where there could be medical consultation, a first aid stop, and to expand in all areas of health that God may permit us to have (dentists, optometrists, general clinics etc).  
We want to take the love of God to this village of Viçosa through the resources that God has given us. These resources come from those who have embraces this mission and are working to make it become a reality. To be able to show these people the love and care God has for them, and for us who are constructing, the joy of being able to share with our brothers. The bible says  that it is better to be in a position of giving than receiving, and that we are privileged to be able to give. 


“We cannot only pray, we need to do something”  

                                                                                             Bishop Raimundo Monteiro 

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Check out the development of this work in the videos below.
Through the daily life of our missionary, Bishop Raimundo Monteiro, you will be able to follow the development of this mission in detail.

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