The World Mission Center Church was founded in Canada in 1990 with services in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

A vision was brought to life through God's great commission in spreading the Gospel through the nations,

Today, the Church has established itself in Toronto, Canada and several cities in Brazil. In addition, the Church sent missionaries to Angola (Africa) and Portugal (Europe).



our pastors:
Raimundo Monteiro

Senior Pastor

Raimundo Edson Monteiro He was born in1951 in the city of Baependi, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Married to Maria Celeste Nogueira Monteiro and the father of 5 children, and grandfather to 15 grandchildren.  
When he was a kid he lived a simple life. Even with no toys to play with, he received much love from his parents, grandparents and family. On a certain day of despair, he truly came to know Jesus, in a gathering where he was gifted his very first bible.  
Diving into the words of that Bible his life began to change. In 1977 his long anticipated day came where he was baptized under the waters, professing his faith. 
Some time went by and he became responsible for the youth group at his local church, followed by deaconship and treasury.  
He had no interest in becoming a pastor and really, he wanted to have any other responsibility besides being a pastor. In obedience he followed his calling he was ordained pastor in 1982 and began his ministry in his home city of Baependi. 
Two years later he was given an opportunity to work in a company in Canada. In preparation, he moved to Rio de Janeiro and stayed there until his documentation for travel was authorized. In 1989, he arrived in Canada to attend to the opportunity given, but as his pastoral calling spoke louder,   he dedicated himself in the preaching of the gospel and this was the beginning of his ministry work in Toronto, Canada. 
And so, World Mission Centre Church was birthed on July 31, 1996. 

Simone Monteiro

Local Pastor

Aristides Falcão


Pr. Simone Monteiro Falcao was born in 1973 in the city of Baependi, Minas Gerais, Brazil. She married Pastor Aristides Falcao in 1993, and became the mother to Andressa, Lucas and Thiago some years later.  
She met the Lord Jesus when she was only 9 years old, and then was baptized at the age of 10. Since then, she has dedicated her life to the Lord, and has embraced the work of God and the preaching of the gospel with much zeal and dedication, always working alongside Bishop Raimundo Monteiro. 
At the age of 17 she moved to Canada with her family. Even having learned English for the first time in her late teens, she finished her secondary school education at Silverthorn Collegiate in 1994.  
In 1995 she was ordained a missionary, and while doing various missionary work she began some work in other departments of the local church such as being a worship leader, volunteering in the children’s ministry and being a secretary for the local church. Later, she was consecrated by the Association of Education and Evangelism in 2000 as a Lay Pastor. 
With much pride, she concluded her Bachelor’s in Theology through Canada’s Christian College in 2013, and in that same year was ordained by the Evangelical Association gaining her credentials and licenses that she holds until the present day. 
Her journey with learning did not end, as she pursued Post-Graduate work in 2014-2015 by studying “Christian Counselling” at a Master’s degree level. 
Today, she is the local pastor of World Mission Centre Church in Toronto, where she serves together with her husband and children. Along with the work in Toronto, she is responsible for teaching and taking care of all the pastors of WMCC in Brazil by being a mentor, giving resources, and teaching about theology and leadership. 
She continues loving the Lord and her missionary working with a servant heart taking the powerful message of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ everywhere she goes, until the day He returns to take his church, and calls us to be with Him.  

Pastor Aristides Antonio Rissi Falcao was born on April 13, 1965 in the city of Coronel Fabriciano - Minas Gerais. He was born in a christian home but accepted Jesus as his savior in the year of 1982. He was baptized in 1985.  In 1987 he moved to Canada and continued serving God as a Sunday school teacher in a portuguese speaking church in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He was ordained Deacon and continued to help in the teaching department and preaching as solicited. In 1990 he met Bishop Raimundo Monteiro and his family in Toronto.  He met Simone Monteiro and got married on December of 1993.  His family started growing in 1997 when his first daughter was born, Andressa Rissi Monteiro Falcao, Lucas Rissi Monteiro Falcao in 1999 and Thiago Rissi Monteiro Falcao in 2002.

In 1993 he was separated as an evangelist, and as a pastor in 1996.  

He now works alongside Bishop Raimundo Monteiro and Simone Monteiro Falcao.  He is also the head of the administrative department in Canada and Brazil.


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